AAISAD 0143 – Shark! Trump-talk; Trump-Admin. Ben & HUD; Birth Tourism; Claw Hammer Horrors & the pied papa!

Shark attacks, heroic rescue to no avail; and much, much worse is to come, Jaws 2.0, 3.0, ….

English? Who would have guessed?

The Donald’s gaffes; careful Mr. President your … is showing.

Ben Carson’s HUD bowing to Dr. Trump’s orders for staffing, promotions, pay raises….

Anti-hero deputies. Maternity/Birth Tourism courtesy of the USA’s insane immigration laws.

Claw-hammer control! Monstrous, sadistic murderers and the horrors they commit with impunity in the USA!

The Pied Pope, tilting at saving the tiny fraction of destroyers who are eventually executed for their myriad evils.