AAISAD 0140 – Gangland War Against LEO’s; Hurricane Florence tragedy & triumph, death & life; Hollywood Bloodlust

NY Corrections Officer/LEO, Jonathan Narain.

Hurricane Florence – Dazia Lee & baby Kaiden; Nicholas & Danielle Digregorio & babies Sadie & Scarlett; Tony Alsup & the dog & cat express; islands of fire ants.

Fin Whales & Planned Parenthood’s new honchette Dr. Leana Wen.

Horror – the most profitable and prolific movie genre & its bloody fruit!

Celia Barquin Arozema, Iowa St; Maureen Brubaker Farley.

Australia’s Sabotaged Strawberries and its not Halloween yet!

Pot Nation, a little child shall lead them. Bloomberg anyone? & “Gina is Great!” per the Donald & buddy Seany.