AAISAD 0122 – Kidnapping & Destruction in America, Mollie Tibbetts, none dare call the FBI!

Kidnap, rape, murder in America – none dare call the FBI!

Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts – Where have all the darlings gone?

With love to the Republic of Georgia – no good turn shall go unpunished – the Ryan & Lora Smith family tragedy.

Academy Sports and Tides Condominium Association – the new and improved USA in a nutshell.

“The Great State of Oregon” – the model for how to administer illicit but legalized pot operations!

Indictment of America in the 21st Century: The Kartrashian Clan – GoFundMe, I’m $100 million short of being a billionaire!

Two years after it’s decision regarding Concealed Carry, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on the 2nd Amendment and Open Carry of firearms for self-defense.

This week a total lunar eclipse will turn the moon blood red; what are we to make of it?