AAISAD 0066 – Islamist Terror attacks of Civilization, currently targeting the UK

Islamist Terror attacks of civilization (aka Western Civilization), free nations, western nations, former Christendom.

Prime Minister Theresa May, President Trump & son-in-law Jared Kushner, and “maintaining balance” via alliance with Islamist Terror-exporting/supporting/sponsoring Most Favored Nation Saudi Arabia.

North Korea & Iran, and “routine” American naval deployments.

And speaking of most favored nations: Putin’s Russian Bear, Bloody Red Communist China, and their Iranian and North Korean puppets.

The Braintrust and their end-game: one world-wide regime; their tactics; ….

The UK, as in United KINGdom, and it’s elder Prince; various royals do and shall play a role.

Yield Autonomy, Surrender Sovereignty…to save the world!