AAISAD 0064 – North Korea & the latest rendition of Star Wars*

Kim’s murderous Communist North Korean regime & Star Wars.*

President Ronald Reagan’s so-called Star Wars initiative…the intractable Cold War with the murderous Soviet Union (and to a lesser extent with Most Favored Nation bloody Red China).

The “Free, Capitalist” Communist Mainland Chinese Regime’s 21st century elimination of the CIA’s network there via terroristic murder.

Hillary’s latest ploy, chatting up impeachment of the President.

Islamist Terror around the world, via Abu Sayyaf in the southern Philippines, Hamas in Gaza, ISIS in Manchester, Great Britain.

Rough-talking President Rodrigo Duterte’s efforts to rid the Philippines of violent crime and Communist and Islamist terrorism and aggression.

The Christian exodus from the Middle East, due to Islamist Terror, enabled by the USA and western European powers (including the UK).

Royals vs. True Royalty, and coming “Royal” attractions in Great Britain.