AAISAD 0063 – Islamist Terror Attack at Manchester Arena mars President Trump’s “big trip”

Islamist Terror Attack at Manchester Arena targets girls, young women, mothers and families.

President Trump’s “big trip” continued.

The Pope attempts to manipulate the President to push his leftist agenda.

The President addresses NATO & European Union leaders.

European concerns over the President’s refusal to pledge allegiance to NATO Article 5, mutual defense commitment.

What forces truly present a grave threat to NATO, thus necessitating an Article 5 commitment?

The President’s men – dealing with Kim’s North Korean communist regime? vs. dealing with Putin’s Russian regime & Jinping’s communist Chinese regime?

Major media elites in the USA compromise UK investigation…of terror attack by disseminating leaked information.

Chris Christie’s gambit. The Donald & the Donald 2.0 Jared Kushner.

Prince Philip’s, Ted Turner’s, and their fellow movers’ & shakers’ world hegemony agenda goes together with that of the Pope’s.