AAISAD 0061 – The Leftists’ Impeach Trump Conspiracy…

What are the most important news stories, accounts, events…? (The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!)

Islamist Terrorist Attack or merely maniacal Mass Murder at Times Square in NYC, NY?!

The Leftists’ Impeach Trump Conspiracy!

Roger Ailes & Fox News.

Hillary’s new political organization and continued agenda.

Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich’s death.

9/11 Islamist Terrorist Attacks, Barbara Olson’s death, Regnery Publishing, & Bill Clinton’s attempt to personally, permanently, prevent publication of Barbara Olson’s last expose’ book detailing Hillary Rodham Clinton and her unquenchable lust for presidential power!

Crime & Injustice – so-called “Hate Crimes” and other modern laws.

Nationwide conceal carry? Unfortunately, extremely unlikely due to leftist political power….

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!