Month: June 2019

AAISAD 0194 – Mackenzie Lueck, how SLC Police could have & can search for her now, hopefully before it is too late; “Missing Persons” cases

Mackenzie Lueck, how SLC, UT Police can search for her, without warrants, or law changes…. So-called “Missing Persons” cases: Mackenzie Lueck, Jeanine Cammarata, Jennifer Farber Dulos, …. So-called “Missing Persons” cases, and how they are “dealt with” by Federal, State,

AAISAD 0193 – Mackenzie Lueck Kidnapped, Raped…but not in danger?! Law Enforcement? Catch-22s

Mackenzie Lueck, Kidnapped shortly after 1:00am Monday June 17th, held captive, raped…but usual, typical, standard-operating-procedure passive, powerless investigation, whether “missing person,” “kidnap”…. What does “Law Enforcement” do worse than anything else?  Rescue darlings that have been taken! Catch 22s…Evidence, what

AAISAD 0192 – MH17 & Putin; Democrat Pres. wannabes’ outrage; the Queen Influencer; Team Trump, the Donald & Don Jr. vis-a-vis Judge Roy Moore

The Joint Investigation Team – JIT’s empty symbolic arrest warrants versus Putin’s underlings instead of versus Putin, regarding the Russian missile attack of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Democrat Presidential candidates, of color, Booker & Harris, and their transparent “outrage” at

AAISAD 0191 – US warned of war with Iran, by Vladimir Putin; MH17; Iran’s downing of US drone; Israel; Presidential Race 2020, Biden

Vladimir Putin’s warning to USA (via talk with Russian people) not to start war with Iran.  MH17 shoot-down investigation by international Joint Investigation Team, symbolic issuance of international “arrest” warrants. Israel vs. Islamist terrorist warfare from Iran’s Hezbollah via southern

AAISAD 0190 – Fall of the Roman Empire, Dying Civilizations, USA, UK, Europe…Sodomite ad campaigns….

The Fall of the Roman Empire: instructive cautionary tale, or irrelevant curiosity? Dying Civilizations: USA, Europe, UK….  Brazen promotion of sodomites and sodomy by major American & International corporations. Induced Abortion/Elective Abortion and women’s suffrage/”women’s rights” leaders of yesteryear. Euthanasia

AAISAD 0189 – Chrissy Teigen’s 35 million fool-owers, Entercom’s David Field’s cause celebre Queer Channel Q corrupting youth…; demagogic, destructive pandering by radio & new media

Pied Pipers Chrissy Teigen, social media superstar, Entercom’s aggressive, offensive CEO David Field and his Pride & joy, Channel Q, leading their fool-owers to depravity and destruction. Age-old evil objectives of Bauer Rothschild, Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, & the Red

AAISAD 0188 – In The Year 2525; Justice?; Mass Murder vs. self-sacrifice; Pied Pipers Chrissy Teigen, Entercom’s David Field, Queer agendas, evil agendas

In The Year 2525 – they may find? Justice, now an abstract darkly comedic concept.  Ryan Keith Cox’s heroic self-sacrifice in the midst of a mass-murder attack in Virginia Beach, VA. Social Media superstar Influencer Chrissy Teigen, Entercom CEO David

AAISAD 0187 – “Monitoring” Sharks & Fiends; Carefree living; Islamist Terror Hezbollah & Hamas; Israel’s Fight for Survival; Norwegian “Justice”?

Israel’s fight for survival vs. Islam, including Hezbollah’s Ali Musa Daqduq’s Golan Terror Network & Hamas. The modern state of Israel’s miraculous survival from Islamist annihilation, despite a worldwide arms embargo by the USA &  “free nations.”  Nancy Spielberg’s “Above

AAISAD 0186 – Shark Attack!; Taken – 5-yr-old Elizabeth Shelley; Mormon ads; Islam vs. Jewry in Iran, Holland, Britain, Germany, France…& Israel

Sharks, never fear, we are monitoring them, but not telling you! Utah – 5-year-old Elizabeth Shelley kidnapped…by none other than her 21-year-old Uncle! The West’s accommodation to destroyers, at the expense of the innocents who are preyed upon! Mormonism’s, shall