Month: May 2019

AAISAD 0185 – Venezuela, Cuba, & Putin’s Russian Regime; Bear Bombers ahoy; Portuguese Hells Angels; Greenwich’s Great White Shark; Global Climate Change=Bad, Volcanoes=Good!

Vladimir Putin’s Russian Regime & Communist Venezuela & Communist Cuba.  Putin’s choice, Communist Regime’s Nicolas Maduro, or National Assembly interim president Juan Guaido? Benevolent Russian Bear Bombers’ & Russian fighter jets’ love affair with USA & Canada. From USA to

AAISAD 0184 – Subterfuge with Deadly intent by Putin’s Russian Regime and Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime

A Russian Nuclear Aircraft Carrier a couple decades from now, what is Vladimir Putin thinking? Annual “anti-terrorist Peace Missions” by Putin’s Russian Regime & former Soviet Slave States & Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime. Annual Sino-Russian naval exercises between Putin’s

AAISAD 0183 – Kendrick Castillo sacrifice to stem mass-murder at STEM school; Communist Chinese Regime vs. Liu Xiaobo & Liu Xia; FREE USA & West side with Communist Chinese Regime, oppose Free Chinese Taiwan!

Kendrick Ray Castillo gave his life to save others at Denver area STEM school. Communist Chinese Regime’s evils to Liu Xiaobo & Liu Xia, but his dying wish is realized!. The world champion of Freedom USA & other western nuclear

AAISAD 0182 – Hong Kong’s demise under the Communist Regime of China; Communist Regime’s premeditated massacre in Tiananmen Square June 4, 1989

Britain’s inexcusable, disastrous surrender of Hong Kong to the bloody red Communist Chinese Regime of “Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution” infamy! Hong Kong’s demise under the boots of the Chinese Communist Regime! Communist Chinese agents with organized crime thugs doing evil in

AAISAD 0181 – Asteroids? 450+ Presidential Candidates? Kim v Trump; Sino-Russian Joint Sea Drills & anti-terrorist Peace Missions? China’s Communist Regime v Hong Kong

Asteroid simulations?!  Never fear, no risk for the next 100 years?!  Thank you NASA. Half a thousand or so candidates for President 2020, more fun!  New Media & Traditional Media ad buy tsunami? Kim Jong Un pressures BFF President Donald

AAISAD 0180 – Putin’s Hybrid War & NotPetya, used initially on Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoyskyi frontman Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Putin’s Assassinations in Ukraine, Trump & BFF Putin

Putin’s Hybrid Warfare waged experimentally upon Ukraine.  First Crimea, then Ukraine….  NotPetya unleashed on Ukraine, felt around the world! Ukraine oligarch Ihor Kolomoyski’s frontman, funnyman Volodymyr Zelenskiy, President! Viktor Yushchenko, survivor; Putin’s assassins were to keep him from becoming President!

AAISAD 0179 – Loving sacrifice: Riley Howell, UNC; Lori Kaye & Oscar Stewart, Chabad of Poway, CA; Putin’s Russian Regime’s Hybrid Warfare onslaught of Ukraine…, NotPetya Cyberattack

John 15:13 – Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Riley Howell, Univ. of NC, Charlotte; Lori Gilbert Kaye, Chabad of Poway, CA – rest in peace; & Oscar Stewart, Chabad