Month: April 2019

AAISAD 0178 – The USA – UK “special relationship” part 3; the coming last evil regime, aka the New World Order or NWO

The vaunted “Special Relationship” of the UK and the USA; the actual significance being that as the UK goes, so follows the USA!  Yes, the mighty, “visionary” USA follows the lead of the UK; and the UK follows the instructions

AAISAD 0177 – The USA – UK “special relationship” part 2; UK gov’t. promotion & enforcement of destructive anti-christian agendas; UK Justice’s monstrous injustices

The true significance of the “Special Relationship” between the UK & USA. UK gov’t. versus Christianity, christian morality, & christian culture….  UK gov’t. advocating for myriad evils from the feminist & sodomite agendas, to giving most favored status to Islam!

AAISAD 0176 – The USA – UK “special relationship”; Global Climate Change, Greenpeace…Extinction Rebellion; UK Police; Barbara Hewson; Islam & FGM

The “Special Relationship” between the UK and the USA; what the true significance is. New World Order-triggering event “Global Climate Change,” & the role played by leftist political activists, from Greenpeace to Extinction Rebellion (which will usher in “population reduction”!).

AAISAD 0175 – Biden; Scandalous Justice Dept., FBI, US Attorneys’ prosecution of Hallmark Channel’s Lori Loughlin…; Sri Lankan Islamist Terror attacks of Christian Churches on Easter

Joe Biden for President anyone?  1st official Sodomite President of the USA anyone? “Affirmative Action” anyone?  Corey Booker & fellow Democrat Presidential Candidates bookin’ for Slave Reparations. US Justice Dept./FBI/US Attorney’s scandalous prosecution of Hallmark’s Lori Loughlin & others. UK

AAISAD 0174 – China vs Taiwan; Tiananmen Square; WH Security Clearances; Islam & Murder of Women; Notre Dame Cathedral

Communist Chinese aggression vs. Taiwan; testing the waters of the Taiwan Straights! Communist Chinese massacre of pro-democracy students in Tiananmen Square – June 4, 1989. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago FL winter White House; target for foreign espionage, e.g. Communist China. Vladimir Putin’s

AAISAD 0173 – Boeing Corp’s commitment to safety?; Samya Stumo & uncle Ralph Nader; “haters”&”fascists”?; Biden for touchy feely President; breaches

Character flaws that bear bad fruit.  Boeing Corp’s. commitment to air travel safety. Federal law suit by Samya Stumo’s family, including uncle Ralph Nader, vs. Boeing et al. Brexit D-Day? TBD? maybe never.  Meanwhile in the USA, “breaches everywhere”; a

AAISAD 0172 – NATO, deterrence? Russia; NWO triggering events; Gun Seizure, “Gun Control,” Hitler’s Nazis; SA, Venezuela; Rape

Kelly Stafford, Mrs. Matthew Stafford, pray for her and her family. NATO Secty. Genl. Jens Stoltenberg (Norway) – Putin’s Russian Regime threat; no land-based nuclear missiles in Europe, but “credible, effective deterrence”? Great Barrier Reef becoming less “great.”  Colorado &

AAISAD 0171 – Spongy lovahs, Bubba & Tucka; Poor Southern Morris Dees’ SPLC; R. Kelly enablers; Imprisonment for life, or until you leave!; Cautionary Tales!

Bubba-The-“Love”-Sponge & spongy Tucker Carlson, jerks by any other names…. Southern Poverty Law Center, is that what they call it?  Morris Dees, one man’s pooh boy is…. The NHL, like “Commish” Goodell’s NFL, …championing the Sodomite agenda cause célèbre! NXIVM, Keith