Month: March 2019

AAISAD 0170 – Toulouse, FR, 2012, terror attacks; “Justice” in Europe, UK…USA; two lives after Parkland, FL massacre; US Supreme Court & lower courts

Toulouse, France – March 2012 – terrorist assassination/massacre at Ozar Hatorah Hebrew School, following terrorist assassinations of French soldiers.  Nicolas Sarkozy regarding the destroyers…and justice. Netherlands – death of Lotte van der Zee, barely 20, fmr. Miss Teen Universe; and

AAISAD 0169 – New Zealand & gun ban; “gun control” champs; Israel vs. Islamists; UK & EU; the Federal Reserve & climate change activism; theories; free speech?

New Zealand & PM Jacinda Ardern’s reactionary or opportunistic gun ban.  Historical champions of “gun control”….  Dodd’s “gun control” legislation?  Paul Revere and Article II. Israel vs. Islamists.  UK & EU; Brexit anyone?   The Federal Reserve embraces global climate

AAISAD 0168 – The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly President Trump: Trump & Kim & Kim Jong Nam; Trump & Israel

President Trump & Kim Jong Un, BFF’s. Kim Jong Un & elder half-brother Kim Jong Nam (deceased, assassinated). President Trump & Israel: Golan Heights, Jerusalem…. Pakistan versus India – Kashmir. New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern and rifle ban, confiscation,….

AAISAD 0167 – French Yellow Vest protests, violent anarchist riots! Ignoble Nobel org.; Pelosi, Trump, & Warren; Boeing Maxed-out!

France – major faction of violent anarchists continue to exploit Yellow Vest Protests! President Emmanuel Macron.  Nobel Prize organization shows it’s true colors again. Howard Schultz?  Please, can’t someone find a tank for this he-man to ride in? Elizabeth Warren,

AAISAD 0166 – Manhattan, NYC, NY & the tragic death of Malaysia Goodson, a microcosm of the USA’s great failings

The death of 22-year-old mother Malaysia Goodson at Manhattan’s Seventh Avenue subway station; the survival of her one-year-old daughter Rhylee. New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority – MTA, diplomatically dodging responsibility for her death, and avoiding horribly overdue need for