Year: 2019

AAISAD 0201 – In JEDI we trust in Future Wars; Pres. Trump’s acquiescence to Communist China vs. Hong Kong & Taiwan

USA bracing for fighting future wars, from the Middle-East & Central Asia to Far East Asia, with JEDI cloud computing & AI. The significance of President Trump labelling Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters, as rioters. The significance of President Trump &

AAISAD 0200 – Natural Gas ban, SoCal Quakes; Putin, Trump & Islam; Terrorist Groups, Islamists, Kashmir; Kim’s NK missiles ahoy!

Southern Calif. earthquakes; Berkeley, CA Council bans natural gas in new low-rise buildings. Vladimir Putin’s response to USA’s withdrawal from Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Putin’s Russia & Syria.  Pres. Trump’s all-in support of Islamist Saudi Arabia, Jordan, & UAE.

AAISAD 0199 – The Special Relationship, America’s & Britain’s Darkest Chapter; WWII Vets made “Law-breakers” & Israel’s Miraculous Survival, Part 1

The Especially Wicked Relationship of the USA & UK with regard to Jewry & Israel. Pre-WWII Free World vs. Jewry; WWII Free World vs. Jewry; post-WWII Free World vs. Jewry & Israel; the UN agrees to the birth of the

AAISAD 0198 – Lying about Lying about the Holocaust; Murder & Non-Punishment in the USA revisited, Part 1

Spanish River Community High School Principal William Latson and the Holocaust curriculum; the Palm Beach County School Board. Blactivism & Leftist Corporate America; America vis-a-vis Africa. Murder & Non-Punishment in the USA revisited; 2nd Degree Murder and other fictions…Part 1.

AAISAD 0197 – President Trump’s 75th D-Day Anniv. Speech; Trump & North Korea’s Kim Jong Un; Trump & Islamist Iran; Black African Islamist Terror in Somalia

President Donald Trump, the Poet-in-Chief’s imagined “eloquence” vs. reality and truth…. Pres. Trump’s tete-a-tete in the DMZ with BFF North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong Un. Pres. Trump, the Tweeter-in-Chief’s version of “shock and awe” vs. the Islamist Iranian Regime.

AAISAD 0196 – Declared 2020 Presidential Candidates; President Donald Trump’s Independence Day, 4th of July, speech spectacle, Part 2

Declared Presidential Candidates 2020, i.e., those who have filed with the FEC. President Trump’s 4th of July, Independence Day, speech spectacle from the Lincoln Memorial – Part 2. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:58 — 37.1MB)Subscribe: Apple

AAISAD 0195 – Declared 2020 Presidential Candidates; President Donald Trump’s Independence Day, 4th of July, speech spectacle – Part 1

Declared Presidential Candidates 2020, i.e., those who have filed with the FEC. President Trump’s 4th of July, Independence Day, speech spectacle from the Lincoln Memorial – Part 1. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:58 — 37.1MB)Subscribe: Apple

AAISAD 0194 – Mackenzie Lueck, how SLC Police could have & can search for her now, hopefully before it is too late; “Missing Persons” cases

Mackenzie Lueck, how SLC, UT Police can search for her, without warrants, or law changes…. So-called “Missing Persons” cases: Mackenzie Lueck, Jeanine Cammarata, Jennifer Farber Dulos, …. So-called “Missing Persons” cases, and how they are “dealt with” by Federal, State,

AAISAD 0193 – Mackenzie Lueck Kidnapped, Raped…but not in danger?! Law Enforcement? Catch-22s

Mackenzie Lueck, Kidnapped shortly after 1:00am Monday June 17th, held captive, raped…but usual, typical, standard-operating-procedure passive, powerless investigation, whether “missing person,” “kidnap”…. What does “Law Enforcement” do worse than anything else?  Rescue darlings that have been taken! Catch 22s…Evidence, what

AAISAD 0192 – MH17 & Putin; Democrat Pres. wannabes’ outrage; the Queen Influencer; Team Trump, the Donald & Don Jr. vis-a-vis Judge Roy Moore

The Joint Investigation Team – JIT’s empty symbolic arrest warrants versus Putin’s underlings instead of versus Putin, regarding the Russian missile attack of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Democrat Presidential candidates, of color, Booker & Harris, and their transparent “outrage” at

AAISAD 0191 – US warned of war with Iran, by Vladimir Putin; MH17; Iran’s downing of US drone; Israel; Presidential Race 2020, Biden

Vladimir Putin’s warning to USA (via talk with Russian people) not to start war with Iran.  MH17 shoot-down investigation by international Joint Investigation Team, symbolic issuance of international “arrest” warrants. Israel vs. Islamist terrorist warfare from Iran’s Hezbollah via southern

AAISAD 0190 – Fall of the Roman Empire, Dying Civilizations, USA, UK, Europe…Sodomite ad campaigns….

The Fall of the Roman Empire: instructive cautionary tale, or irrelevant curiosity? Dying Civilizations: USA, Europe, UK….  Brazen promotion of sodomites and sodomy by major American & International corporations. Induced Abortion/Elective Abortion and women’s suffrage/”women’s rights” leaders of yesteryear. Euthanasia

AAISAD 0189 – Chrissy Teigen’s 35 million fool-owers, Entercom’s David Field’s cause celebre Queer Channel Q corrupting youth…; demagogic, destructive pandering by radio & new media

Pied Pipers Chrissy Teigen, social media superstar, Entercom’s aggressive, offensive CEO David Field and his Pride & joy, Channel Q, leading their fool-owers to depravity and destruction. Age-old evil objectives of Bauer Rothschild, Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, & the Red

AAISAD 0188 – In The Year 2525; Justice?; Mass Murder vs. self-sacrifice; Pied Pipers Chrissy Teigen, Entercom’s David Field, Queer agendas, evil agendas

In The Year 2525 – they may find? Justice, now an abstract darkly comedic concept.  Ryan Keith Cox’s heroic self-sacrifice in the midst of a mass-murder attack in Virginia Beach, VA. Social Media superstar Influencer Chrissy Teigen, Entercom CEO David

AAISAD 0187 – “Monitoring” Sharks & Fiends; Carefree living; Islamist Terror Hezbollah & Hamas; Israel’s Fight for Survival; Norwegian “Justice”?

Israel’s fight for survival vs. Islam, including Hezbollah’s Ali Musa Daqduq’s Golan Terror Network & Hamas. The modern state of Israel’s miraculous survival from Islamist annihilation, despite a worldwide arms embargo by the USA &  “free nations.”  Nancy Spielberg’s “Above

AAISAD 0186 – Shark Attack!; Taken – 5-yr-old Elizabeth Shelley; Mormon ads; Islam vs. Jewry in Iran, Holland, Britain, Germany, France…& Israel

Sharks, never fear, we are monitoring them, but not telling you! Utah – 5-year-old Elizabeth Shelley kidnapped…by none other than her 21-year-old Uncle! The West’s accommodation to destroyers, at the expense of the innocents who are preyed upon! Mormonism’s, shall

AAISAD 0185 – Venezuela, Cuba, & Putin’s Russian Regime; Bear Bombers ahoy; Portuguese Hells Angels; Greenwich’s Great White Shark; Global Climate Change=Bad, Volcanoes=Good!

Vladimir Putin’s Russian Regime & Communist Venezuela & Communist Cuba.  Putin’s choice, Communist Regime’s Nicolas Maduro, or National Assembly interim president Juan Guaido? Benevolent Russian Bear Bombers’ & Russian fighter jets’ love affair with USA & Canada. From USA to

AAISAD 0184 – Subterfuge with Deadly intent by Putin’s Russian Regime and Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime

A Russian Nuclear Aircraft Carrier a couple decades from now, what is Vladimir Putin thinking? Annual “anti-terrorist Peace Missions” by Putin’s Russian Regime & former Soviet Slave States & Xi Jinping’s Communist Chinese Regime. Annual Sino-Russian naval exercises between Putin’s

AAISAD 0183 – Kendrick Castillo sacrifice to stem mass-murder at STEM school; Communist Chinese Regime vs. Liu Xiaobo & Liu Xia; FREE USA & West side with Communist Chinese Regime, oppose Free Chinese Taiwan!

Kendrick Ray Castillo gave his life to save others at Denver area STEM school. Communist Chinese Regime’s evils to Liu Xiaobo & Liu Xia, but his dying wish is realized!. The world champion of Freedom USA & other western nuclear

AAISAD 0182 – Hong Kong’s demise under the Communist Regime of China; Communist Regime’s premeditated massacre in Tiananmen Square June 4, 1989

Britain’s inexcusable, disastrous surrender of Hong Kong to the bloody red Communist Chinese Regime of “Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution” infamy! Hong Kong’s demise under the boots of the Chinese Communist Regime! Communist Chinese agents with organized crime thugs doing evil in

AAISAD 0181 – Asteroids? 450+ Presidential Candidates? Kim v Trump; Sino-Russian Joint Sea Drills & anti-terrorist Peace Missions? China’s Communist Regime v Hong Kong

Asteroid simulations?!  Never fear, no risk for the next 100 years?!  Thank you NASA. Half a thousand or so candidates for President 2020, more fun!  New Media & Traditional Media ad buy tsunami? Kim Jong Un pressures BFF President Donald

AAISAD 0180 – Putin’s Hybrid War & NotPetya, used initially on Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoyskyi frontman Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Putin’s Assassinations in Ukraine, Trump & BFF Putin

Putin’s Hybrid Warfare waged experimentally upon Ukraine.  First Crimea, then Ukraine….  NotPetya unleashed on Ukraine, felt around the world! Ukraine oligarch Ihor Kolomoyski’s frontman, funnyman Volodymyr Zelenskiy, President! Viktor Yushchenko, survivor; Putin’s assassins were to keep him from becoming President!