Month: December 2018

AAISAD 0153 – “Another world is possible”?; Team Trump; Loyalty, Allegiance, Obedience & Christmas

Socialism, Democratic Socialism and it’s claims mouthed by it’s operatives. “Another World,” that is, A New World Order.  USA…Israel – What will be, authoritatively. Presidents George H. W. Bush (41) & George W. Bush (43); two peas from the same

AAISAD 0152 – TIME’s Person of the Year; An Angel and a Star; Trump, Brennan, corruption, Mid-Terms; Pompeo and NATO

TIME’s “Person of the Year” 2018, short list; what it takes to make the list. The foolish Social-Media times in which we live. Donald Jr’s. tribute to Sr. – “An Angel or a Star,” both! […either?, Neither!] Hush Money to