Month: November 2018

AAISAD 0151 – Martyrs; International concern for Muslims, not Christians; Men of the Year, & lust for world power.

John Allen Chau, martyred trying to bring light and life to the Sentinelese tribe who choose eternal darkness. International “champions of freedom…,” and their concern for Muslims in Communist China, but not for Christians. A Tale of Two “Men of

AAISAD 0150 – Putin’s Super-power goal; Link between Evil Regimes & common murderers; Disasters Natural & Man-caused

Russian President (for life) Vladimir Putin’s Sole World Superpower objective. USA Military versus Russia’s and Communist China’s A2/AD military systems. The GREAT State of California…. Thousand Oaks, CA – Borderline Bar massacre, followed by wildfire. Legal Age for Drinking &

AAISAD 0149 – Evil Regimes; WWII Resistance Fighter’s lesson; Midterm Elections & Trump; Economy & Farmers

Regimes – South Africa, Zimbabwe (fmr. Rhodesia), and the role played by western nations and institutions, notably, American Universities…in championing wicked regimes to take power. Norway’s WWII Hero Joachim Ronneberg’s lesson for youth…. Evil Regimes – Nazis (National Socialist Party)….

AAISAD 0148 – Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre; Doctor & Nurse taking lives…; Rape by Police

Destroyers – “Inability to control impulses”/”inability to control baser instincts”? ¬†– versus – Why destroyers really destroy. German & American Hospital and Medical Center Administrators complicit in mass murders and mass maimings. ¬†Accessories after and before the fact. Rape by