Month: August 2018

AAISAD 0126 – Jeff Sessions, a cautionary tale; Summit Meet & Greets, or Letters, or Tweets?

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former US Senator Alabama – a man for all seasons; no good deed shall go unpunished. The President’s charm offensives with his BFF’s Putin & Kim – Summit Meet & Greets, One-on-One’s, Letters via emissaries,

AAISAD 0125 – Recap of Richard Black Jr. tragedy; Old Mc”Donald’s” BFF’s, MFN buddies, & despised persons

Police in America – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mike Pompeo & All the President’s Men, & Women. MFN Russia, Communist China, & “wait for it!” North Korea. “Evil rogue regime” Iran; a MFN waiting to happen. Old

AAISAD 0124 – Sharks in the water! but never fear; a tweet tweet here, and a tweet tweet there…

Sharks in the water, literally and figuratively, but never fear: a tweet tweet here, and a tweet tweet there, here a tweet, there a tweet, every where a tweet tweet…old Mc”Donald” had a farm, ee-ii-ee-ii-oh! Priorities – national priorities, courts,