Month: August 2018

AAISAD 0136 – Military Superpower Communist China; Protect the sharks, including the monstrous destroyers of the innocents!

The rise of the Communist Chinese Regime to threatening military superpower. Tornadoes in the land of cheese anyone? Protecting the Great White Sharks from people! Pope Francis using the Papacy to protect the vicious, sadistic, torturous kidnap-rape-murderers of the innocents

AAISAD 0135 – Tragedies, Preventable & Otherwise; Supremely Wicked Justices…siding with Monstrous Destroyers of the Innocents

Beware noisome beasts – Alligators slaying women walking dogs in SC & FL. There’s no such thing as a bad person. The Ohio Supreme Court acts on behalf of serial kidnapper, rapist, murderer Anthony Kirkland, and destroyers everywhere. The Pope

AAISAD 0134 – Taiwan & US & China & North Korea & Iran & France & Europe & the Big One!

John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act & strengthening Taiwan & scrutinizing Chinese “investment” in America for “investments” that compromise, jeopardize, and threaten US national security. Taiwan’s independence-favoring president Tsai Ing-wen. Kim’s North Korean Communist Regime spewing out propaganda to

AAISAD 0133 – Sen. McCain & Pres. Trump & Atty. Genl. Sessions; Sen. Collins on Supreme Ct. nominee Brett Kavanaugh; the leaders we choose

Senator John McCain, Rep. AZ – a better man than a Senator. President Donald Trump – a worse man than a President; and a better administration than the USA’s CEO. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – a better man and Attorney

AAISAD 0132 – Chinese & Russian State operators & Kim’s NK; Iranian knockoff?; Saving the Darlings from the Destroyers; Mercy for the Merciless, & Destruction for the Helpless Innocents

Sanctions for Communist Chinese “companies” & Russian port agency & director? Communist China & Totalitarian Russia pulling the strings of satellite state North Korea. Iranian knockoff or upgrade of 1960’s jet fighter; greater significance than meets the eye. Saving the

AAISAD 0131 – Kim’s Big Brothers oiling the skids; Communist China’s, & Islamo-fascists’…laser rehearsals against American pilots

North Korea’s Kim’s Big Brother Regimes in Communist China & Russia creatively collaborating to empower their little buddy. “Lasings” – Communist China & Islamo-fascist regimes targeting American military pilots …. The anti-American Left’s “cleansing” of the best and brightest from

AAISAD 0130 – As UV goes, so goes Vermont, so goes…; the Sodomite LGBTQueer Agenda & all the Kings’ men, women, & ???

Ah Vermont, land of the “third gender”!  Vermont Vermont!  Land of independent thinkers?! Univ. of Iowa, boasting of it’s continual championing of Sodomite wrongs! The American Civil Liberties Union – ACLU, the Colorado Civil Rights Division, the US Supreme Court,

AAISAD 0129 – Islamist Terrorist favor & the “rule of law”? Islam in America, the Clintons, Brennan…. Trump’s Press, can’t live with them or without them.

Special favor bestowed upon Islamist Terrorists by those in high places in the USA. A judge for no season. Muslims vying for leadership of the USA (following their presidency of Barack Hussein Obama). Hillary’s attempted transition from old “progressive” to

AAISAD 0128 – Title X Rule change; Andrew Cuomo’s “greatness” part 2; Hill takes a knee; Muslims making America “great”?

Title X Rule change, very well intended, but will ultimately prove futile. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “greatness” part 2 vs. “City girl,” “progressive,” lesbian Cynthia Nixon. Hillary takes a knee; stooping to conquer America. Muslim’s making America “great”?! Play

AAISAD 0127 – Post-Secondary Schools a Force for Evil? Univ. of Iowa vs. Christianity. Andrew Cuomo’s “greatness” part 1

Professor Walter E. Williams column for The Daily Signal, “Colleges: A Force for Evil” The University of Iowa “fighting the good fight” against Christianity. Part 1 of Andrew Cuomo politicking vs. President Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.” Play

AAISAD 0126 – Jeff Sessions, a cautionary tale; Summit Meet & Greets, or Letters, or Tweets?

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former US Senator Alabama – a man for all seasons; no good deed shall go unpunished. The President’s charm offensives with his BFF’s Putin & Kim – Summit Meet & Greets, One-on-One’s, Letters via emissaries,

AAISAD 0125 – Recap of Richard Black Jr. tragedy; Old Mc”Donald’s” BFF’s, MFN buddies, & despised persons

Police in America – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mike Pompeo & All the President’s Men, & Women. MFN Russia, Communist China, & “wait for it!” North Korea. “Evil rogue regime” Iran; a MFN waiting to happen. Old

AAISAD 0124 – Sharks in the water! but never fear; a tweet tweet here, and a tweet tweet there…

Sharks in the water, literally and figuratively, but never fear: a tweet tweet here, and a tweet tweet there, here a tweet, there a tweet, every where a tweet tweet…old Mc”Donald” had a farm, ee-ii-ee-ii-oh! Priorities – national priorities, courts,