Month: May 2018

AAISAD 0113 – Trump & Kim?; Putin & Hitler; coming attractions?

Summit anyone? President Trump & Kim Jong Un, aka Kim Young Un, Kim the Kid…. North Korean “potential”? Putin & Hitler, similarities, Olympiads…. Blitzkrieg ascendancy to absolute power. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:58 — 37.1MB)Subscribe: Apple

AAISAD 0112 – Red Flags at Santa Fe; our Injustice System; Star”bucks”?; a “royal” debacle!

Massacre at Santa Fe High School – “there weren’t any red flags”?! The United States of America’s Injustice System, including the state counterparts. Starbucks CEO opens his “stores’” floodgates to the teaming masses; no problem, his core clientele won’t mind,

AAISAD 0111 – Royal Wedding & British Royals, Fab Four; “Loyalty”; US-NK Summit?; US companies bowing to Communist Chinese regime

Royal Wedding of Prince Henry/Harry & Meghan Markle; the “Fab Four”; British Royals…and changing the world. Israel & Islam. Coalitions, and the coming last worldly, anti-God, anti-Christ kingdom. “Loyalty” US-NK Summit? US/International companies bowing to the Communist Chinese regime.

AAISAD 0110 – Nobel again, North Korea, US Tech Giants “collaborating with” Communist China, Ethics?

President Trump’s noble Nobel quest? Otto Warmbier, Kim Dong Chul, Tony Kim/Kim Sang-duk, and Kim Hak-song/Kim Hak Song. Falling to a “summit” with Kim’s North Korean regime. Communist China seducing executives of tech giants of the USA to lay all

AAISAD 0109 – The Nobel Prize, Pres. Trump, Korea, China, Africa, Israel

NASA’s search for Intelligent Life predating ours on this earth! A Nobel Prize for President Donald Trump; why this is not a good idea. Korean Peace…? The USA & Communist China. The Modern State of Israel’s 70th Anniversary, and survival.