Month: September 2017

AAISAD 0081 – The root of America’s vulnerability to those regimes that seek her destruction and enslavement

North Korea, Iran…Vladimir Putin’s regime, the Communist Chinese regime…. What at the root is the source of America’s fatal vulnerability to attack from those regimes bent on her destruction? Scenario 1 or A, and Scenario 2 or B. Play

AAISAD 0080 – The elite vs. military veterans and patriots (and especially christians). The leftist activist NFL.

Sisters by other mothers. The blaxploitation of poor downtrodden enslaved black young men in the NFL. Roger “The Commish” Goodell, and his campaign for all things false, vs. the likes of the Tebow’s and Villanueva’s. Costa’s so-called patriots. NFL &

AAISAD 0079 – “Freeman Strong!” and major media deliberate distortion/exploitation

“Freeman Strong!” The major media elite’s manipulation, distortion, exploitation of tragic events to manipulate narratives to conform to and support their agenda narratives. Perverted language: the process of perverting language to pervert truth, godly values, natural social mores…and thus to

AAISAD 0078 – Before the storm, after the storm, whom to trust?

“Irma’s Wrath!” according to the Weather Channel. US Virgin Islands after the storm, a cautionary tale for ex-pats. As … goes, so goes the nation; a nation gone to pot! Language perverted to pervert a nation’s ways. The price exacted

AAISAD 0077 – On the eve of September 11, 2017

Yet another anniversary of the 9/11 Islamist Terrorist attacks upon America. Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose…in the Weather Channel we trust. Perverted language and it’s place in the grand scheme of things with destroying the United States of America. Big socialist

AAISAD 0076 – “What have we done to tick off the earth?” – Angry God!

Hurricane Harvey mass flooding, Weather Channel, “What have we done to tick off the earth? Our founders, the Pilgrims and Puritans, knew. Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind – Savanna Greywind. Crime and non-punishment in America, and its attendant wrath from God! America is