Month: May 2017

AAISAD 0064 – North Korea & the latest rendition of Star Wars*

Kim’s murderous Communist North Korean regime & Star Wars.* President Ronald Reagan’s so-called Star Wars initiative…the intractable Cold War with the murderous Soviet Union (and to a lesser extent with Most Favored Nation bloody Red China). The “Free, Capitalist” Communist

AAISAD 0063 – Islamist Terror Attack at Manchester Arena mars President Trump’s “big trip”

Islamist Terror Attack at Manchester Arena targets girls, young women, mothers and families. President Trump’s “big trip” continued. The Pope attempts to manipulate the President to push his leftist agenda. The President addresses NATO & European Union leaders. European concerns

AAISAD 0062 – Tweeter-in-Chief basks in “my big trip”!

18-year-old Alyssa Elsman of Michigan, murdered, her 13-year-old sister seriously injured, in NYC’s Times Square, by speeding vehicle driven down three blocks of sidewalk by a murderous destroyer who “wanted to kill them.” 22 people injured, four critically. Meanwhile, President

AAISAD 0061 – The Leftists’ Impeach Trump Conspiracy…

What are the most important news stories, accounts, events…? (The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!) Islamist Terrorist Attack or merely maniacal Mass Murder at Times Square in NYC, NY?! The Leftists’ Impeach Trump Conspiracy! Roger Ailes & Fox

AAISAD 0060 – Won’t you come home James Comey, won’t you come home?

The James Comey firing brouhaha, in a nutshell. Fox News, conservative bastion?! Another major media elite brouhaha, this time in Israel; and speaking of Israel…. “Taking Chance” and how we honor our military dead, our fallen heroes. “Bridget Jones’ Baby”…and

AAISAD 0059 – Crime & Non-Punishment American style & Self-Preservation tips for women and girls

Crime & Non-Punishment in America; evil abounding at home and abroad via destroyers, i.e., “human” predators. “Compassionate” public “servants” preventing women and young women from protecting and defending themselves with force-multiplying firearms from attacks by vicious, sadistic, rapacious, murderous destroyers.