Month: March 2018

AAISAD 0103 – Congratulations Vladimir! Trump, Putin, Kim, Kushner, Salman….

Free and Fair elections in Putin’s Russian Regime? Access or Influence; Charm Offensive or Speak Truth to Power; shine and glow, or witness? Billy Graham. Donald & Vladimir, The Donald & The Young Un, Jared & Mohammed Bin Salman…. Sanctuary

AAISAD 0102 – Trump & Kim & Putin & Jinping?

Cagey politicians using the young to advance their agendas. President Trump’s “charm offensive,” ala George W., or “tail wagging the dog” ala Bill Clinton? Putin’s Kremlin police state, assassinations, and aspirations. Communist China & North Korea go together like ….

AAISAD 0101 – Democracy, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, Putin’s Russian Regime

The kingdom(s) of men ruled by the basest of men! The Founders and Democracy. The threat posed to the USA by the likes of Vladimir Putin, and the oh-so significant role played by domestic enemies of the USA. Play

AAISAD 0100 – A Tale of Two Mass Murders; Trump, the Oligarch President; and Putin

Yet more evidence of damning similarity in response/non-response to murderous attack at Parkland Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the response/non-response to the 1991 murderous attack at Columbine High School. President Donald Trump’s new Senate alliance. Russian President (for