Year: 2018

AAISAD 0120 – Rescue in Thailand, betrayal in London, so-so nomination in DC

Thai Seal team rescue of boys trapped in cave. Prime Minister Theresa May’s pseudo-Brexit plan/program. President Trump’s nomination of Appellate Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to fill vacancy left by Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Play in new window | Download

AAISAD 0119 – The US Supreme Court & the President’s responsibility; why this matters.

US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s coming retirement and the President’s responsibility to make a nomination that is truly worthy to influence the court. The US Senate’s confirmation role and its influence on the US Supreme Court. Our court system,

AAISAD 0118 – Brief Reflections on Independence Day/the 4th of July, holidays, & Holydays

John Adams and Independence Day, aka the Fourth of July/July 4th. Holidays…Holydays. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 12:47 — 8.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

AAISAD 0117 – Immigration Narratives, none dare call it conspiracy to indoctrinate!

The Major Media Elite’s manipulative distortion of a photograph to use it for propaganda to push through one of their key agenda items required to bury the USA! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, her agenda, her campaign success, and the redefining of the

AAISAD 0116 – Immigration anyone? Royal Ascot & the Queen. Singapore Summit BFFs!

Immigration woes. The Royal Ascot Races, the Queen, and all the Queen’s women, men, …, what about the horses? President Trump & Canadian PM Trudeau. The Singapore Summit & BFFs the Donald and the Young Un! Lil’ Kim, Kim 3.0,

AAISAD 0115 – Another Munich agreement? New BFF’s Trump & Kim.

President Trump’s tiff with Canadian PM Trudeau. Singapore Summit, another Munich Agreement? “Peace for our time.” President Trump’s new BFF Kim Jong Un! The superpowers behind the bloody Kim’s North Korean regime. Play in new window | Download (Duration:

AAISAD 0114 – Bobby & Jack, RFK & JFK, those who slew them and seek our destruction

50th Anniversary of the political assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Truth regarding who really was responsible for the assassination of Senator Bobby Kennedy, and the assassination of his elder brother President John F. Kennedy. The evil powers that be, and

AAISAD 0113 – Trump & Kim?; Putin & Hitler; coming attractions?

Summit anyone? President Trump & Kim Jong Un, aka Kim Young Un, Kim the Kid…. North Korean “potential”? Putin & Hitler, similarities, Olympiads…. Blitzkrieg ascendancy to absolute power. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 53:58 — 37.1MB)Subscribe: Apple

AAISAD 0112 – Red Flags at Santa Fe; our Injustice System; Star”bucks”?; a “royal” debacle!

Massacre at Santa Fe High School – “there weren’t any red flags”?! The United States of America’s Injustice System, including the state counterparts. Starbucks CEO opens his “stores’” floodgates to the teaming masses; no problem, his core clientele won’t mind,

AAISAD 0111 – Royal Wedding & British Royals, Fab Four; “Loyalty”; US-NK Summit?; US companies bowing to Communist Chinese regime

Royal Wedding of Prince Henry/Harry & Meghan Markle; the “Fab Four”; British Royals…and changing the world. Israel & Islam. Coalitions, and the coming last worldly, anti-God, anti-Christ kingdom. “Loyalty” US-NK Summit? US/International companies bowing to the Communist Chinese regime.